I don’t like bein’ on airplanes
But I like seein’ things from the air
I like seein’ what folks are doin’
Over a mile or 5 or 25 miles square
My baby comes & looks me in the eye
To make sure I know my baby’s there

My best ideas
Always seem to happen in my dreams
If I could copyright & patent ‘em
I’d be richer than if I’d invented ice cream
I’d do interviews & lectures
I’d be on the front of every magazine

I want to cut a hole in my head
Let everything I know drain out
Just be completely blank
No names, no dates, no fear, no foe, no doubt
And when my mouth opens to speak
I got no idea what’s comin’ out

Hey man, what you lookin’ at
What you lookin’ at me for
Do I need an introduction
Do I need some kind of ticket at the door

There’s forest fires everywhere
All the trees are burnin as we speak
No flyin’ squirrels, no Tarzan,
No treehouses by this time next week
Just the sky and the houses
And no real good place to take a leak

I had an operation
I let ‘em shoot their laser at my eyes
It made me see perfect
20-20, perfect all the time
‘Cept it made me see red
I see red now, all red, all the time

I don’t know how to approach you anymore
But maybe I can learn again
Like when I think there’s nothin to say no more
And then one afternoon my fingers find the pen
And my dreams come back to me
And my soul returns to Edmonton

Make it, baby, take it
Make it last and set me free
Crowd me, out-loud me
Do me proud and drink my tea

I used to sing about olives
And lo and behold, people started bringin’ me some
Then I sang about weed
And presto, the green stuff would magically come
Now I sing about pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy

Hey man, what you lookin at
What you lookin at me for
Do I need an introduction
Do I need some kind of ticket at the door

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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