Don’t Get Mad Get Even

Another chanteuse on local radio

Another caboose on the hit parade-io

Says bye bye, bye bye

Another top ten list you ain’t on

Another day your name ain’t LeBron

Pack it in, why try

Pick your chin up off the ground, you ain’t leavin

Don’t get mad my friend, get even

Sometimes it’s a sparkling town

Sometimes backslaps all around

Sometimes it knocks you down, why is that

Sometimes, same things charge you up

Pull you down, drain your cup

Sometimes it all just sucks you dry

I hear you saying things that you can’t be believing

Don’t get mad my friend, get even

The house across the street that I been meaning now to photograph

For a year

I really like the way the roof it slants and dives and shoots around

Mostly I make it disappear

I’ll meet you down by the old canal

Bring your guitar, I’ll bring a ball

We’ll shoot free throws, make up songs the kids will sing

This time next year we’ll be kings

Do a lot of interviews, wear a lot of bling

Go to rehab, kick that cocaine in your cereal this

There’s things you ain’t even begun achieving

Don’t get mad my friend, get even

(lyrics: Dan Bern)