Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate
I guess you could melt
But still I’d know better than to think you’re food
Dark chocolate
Could you break off a piece
For me to carry on the road?

Dark chocolate
I know that you’d like to come along
But you’d never say please
Dark chocolate
Who’d believe that you once saved my life
When you’re split in so many pieces?

Ooh, when we drank wine and then, ooh
It was like a curtain fell down, ooh
And everybody thinks that you’re so tough
But they never really tasted you

Dark chocolate
If I peeled away your wrapping
Would you hold one of your grudges
Dark chocolate
Every time I rub against you
I come away with these smudges

Dark chocolate
I don’t even care if they
Forgot to add sugar to your recipe
Dark chocolate
Don’t you know I carry my own
In case of an emergency

Ooh, no one understands
Why you cut off both your hands
And I don’t even know
Why you threw away your clothes
But you must have a reason
And I trust you so

Dark chocolate
You could cut yourself in hunks
Then pass ’em around and be done with it
Dark chocolate
Don’t you think I know how hard it is
For you to hold back a bit

Dark chocolate
I could lick you all day long
And just be starting to taste you
Dark chocolate
They could shut the factory down
They’re never going to replace you

Ooh, you’re in all the hot places, ooh
Dripping on my laces, ooh
And everybody thinks
That you’re bittersweet
I don’t know about the bitter
But you sure are a treat

Dark chocolate
Ooh, dark chocolate
Ooh, dark chocolate
Ooh, dark chocolate

(lyrics: Dan Bern)