I went down to the crossroads to give the devil his due
I showed up by my lonesome, I did not bring my crew
I wasn’t no spring chicken, yeah I done a couple things
But I’d skated past commitments, neckties and diamond rings
I’d spoken to the Lord on more than one occasion
But it was time to see the Devil and try to resist temptation

He rolled up in his limousine and he stepped out the door
He smelled like cat piss and with every breath he swore
He looked me up and down and spat and cracked a beer
He rolled his eyes and scratched himself and then said with a sneer
State your name and business and what you have to barter
I’m busy and the last thing that I need’s another martyr

I said I’m here to offer you my everlasting soul
I hear this is the place where you and Robert Johnson strolled
He licked some shit from off his coat and looked at me and laughed
I said ain’t this the spot where Charlie Daniels kicked your ass
He said listen pipsqueak, who the hell you think you are
You’re name ain’t Robert Johnson, ‘n you ain’t getting no guitar

And as for Charlie Daniels, that two bit little liar
When that faggot pulled that fiddle out I threw it in the fire
And sent him packing on his way, slinking like a girl, man
The only fiddler I seen worth a damn was Yitzak Perlman
That boy could play the fiddle, even if he was a kike
Now if I spit Charlie Daniels out what are your chances like

Ohhhh, down to the Crossroads I go
Ohhhh, it’s blasphemy I know
Down to the Crossroads I go

I said don’t be like that, I’m offering you my soul
Just grant me in exchange a heart of rock and roll
He said kid forget it, your offer leaves me cold
Your soul’s seen so much TV it’s already good as sold
Ghandi, Jesus, Buddah, Condoleezza all came up
But the Devil said those souls was already too corrupt

Well, he checked his watch and said I guess it’s time to be heading south
And he spat forth terrible flames out of his mouth
He rode off in his limousine like Santa in his sleigh
I said I guess won’t be selling my soul any time today
If I can’t sell my soul for rock and roll or fiddling in the fire
I’ll settle for a Fender Strat and Marshall amplifier

Well I’d failed with the devil, on my soul he did spit
But what the hell I got my rock and roll starter kit
Now I go down to the Crossroads and I sit beneath the stars
And I open up my case and I bang that old guitar
Some nights when it’s darkest and the moon is green
I swear I hear the roar of the devil’s limousine

Ohhhh, down to the Crossroads I go
Ohhhh, it’s blasphemy I know
Down to the Crossroads I go

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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