I think I’m ready for some changes
I haven’t said a word in days
I just discovered I’m left handed
I’ve thrown my scissors all away

All our heart to heart talks you
Can just disregard
I canceled the company picnic, and all
The workers have been fired
I’m bored I’m antsy, I could tear down the moon
If my arms could reach that far
I’m ready for some changes
I’m hanging it all on the first morning star

I thing I’m ready to step out of line
Turn my uniform in, and hop the fence
All these conversations in and out and round my head
Are like bees buzzing, sound without sense
On my left is too much fantasy
Ugly truth on my right
I’ve laid out one change of clothes
I can’ t look past tonight
I‘m ready to accept Jesus
I’m ready to accept anything
Except anything I’ve done before
I’m ready for some changes
And I’ll see you at the war

The birds are in their pockets
The shoes are in their sense
The brazen, blazin’ butterflies
Are stunning in their silence

Meet me after midnight by the bridge
I’ll have some food to get us through tomorrow
Only bring what you can carry
Figure we’ll have to walk for awhile
If you’re not there I’ll just assume
Something came up, I understand
Please don’t ask a lot of questions
I’m writing this out by hand
Come with your own reasons
Come with kerosene
We’ll set something on fire before we land
I’m ready for some changes
And I’ve drawn a line on the sand

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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