Cash and Nin

He started burning little packs of incense
She started talking with a twang
She said, “Man in black, here’s a finger up your ass!”
And he sang, and he sang, and he sang sang sang

He started wearing red silk underwear
She ate grits while she tied him to the bedpost
He started buying fancy oils and soap
And she found herself whistling and howling like a train

Johnny Cash and Anais Nin
Anais Nin and Johnny Cash
Their friends all said seems like a good thing
Johnny Cash and Anais Nin

She started wearing boots and a ten-gallon hat
He hung a bolo tie from each of her breasts
She covered his body with honey from Brazil
And got a cow and some goats to lick it all off
“Bon jour, moinseur.” “Well, howdy ma’am!”
“Voulez-vous?” “Yes I do, I like it like that!”
“Stick this up your nose,” “You mean all the way up?”
“Why not?” “OK, hey I like it this way.”

Johnny Cash and Anais Nin
Anais Nin and Johnny Cash
It was dirty, it was clean
And it wasn’t no sin
Johnny Cash and Anais Nin

He said, “I will walk the line for you,
“My dearest sweetest Mon p’tit chou.”
She said, “I feel the same, of course,
But I wouldn’t mind one time trying your horse.”

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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