And I found a girl in Capetown, I was with her three days straight
She showed up right on time, not too soon and not too late
And all that I remember was we barely left the room
And I’m sure somewhere the sun came up and went back down again
And I open up my window, and the world is upside down
Oh, Capetown

And all I had was time and I drank me a few beers
And I Googled people that I hadn’t seen in twenty years
And to my great surprise, when I typed in your name I learned
You were working in a chemical plant in Johannesburg
And I’m hanging out in Capetown, and it ain’t too far away
Maybe I’ll see you sometime in a Johannesburg café

Lots of folks live on the streets here and there’s more all the time
But the water, she’s beautiful, and there’s plenty of good cheap wine
And if you crane your neck too far, there’s a hand around your throat
And you’ll wind up staring with your pockets clean from the bottom of a boat
When Gandhi came his eyes were blue, when he left his eyes were brown
Oh, Capetown

And I would gladly run off to the corners of the earth
But I find myself in Capetown by an accident of birth, yeah
I would gladly run off to the corners of the sky
But I find myself in Capetown, don’t matter why
Oh, Capetown

Fallin I am fallin off the great table of space
It’s all I can do to get up, splash water on my face
Capetown is my refuge, Capetown is my dare
If I can’t make it in Capetown, never make it anywhere
All right then, enough of this ramblin, gonna take a look around
Oh, Capetown

(lyrics: Dan Bern)