Bonnie and Clyde

Me and Bonnie and Clyde
Robbin’ banks together
Roarin’ up the 25 freeway
Stoppin’ for a mutually consensual three-way
Oh, what a ride
Me and Bonnie and Clyde

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and me
Swattin’ homers outta sight
Ruth hit 60, Gerhig 47, me 4 (Do the math)
After games we’d share a whirlpool bath
You can take your master’s degree
I’ll take Ruth, and Gehrig, and me

Oh what fun
At the same time that I find a time machine
I also discover sexual liberation

Serena, Venus and me
Bangin’ forehands on some island
For some doubles, we invite Martina
They all say I’m a regular ball machine—
A picnic under a tree
With Serena, Venus,
Martina and me

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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