No one in the Bible was white
No one in the Bible was white
Day was day, dark was the night
No one in the Bible was white

Jesus walked on water in the land of milk and honey
Looked more like Colin Kaepernick than the guys on your money
Moses led the children out of Egypt land
Looked more like Miles Davis than old Dave Letterman
Esther saved the Jews, she was the Persian queen
Looked more like Venus Williams than Marjorie Taylor Greene

There’s really one story in the Bible, everything else is just trivia
We got kicked out of paradise, scattered to Japan and Bolivia
We got kicked out for one thing: ate from the tree of knowledge
Gas guzzlers, drones, iPhones, Adam and Eve went to college
Learned skin color and oil pipelines, high capacity magazines
How to make everything on earth plastic, like in Lego Land

We can get back to the garden, make plowshares from guns
And a million years of nuclear garbage shot into the sun
No one in the Bible was white, etc

(lyrics: Dan Bern)