Up Your Street

I found myself walking down your street
Up the street where you used to live
I was out riding around
Doin nothin at all
And I found myself goin up your street

Seen that garage where I used to park my car
So no one would try to steal my car
My car that I got
Of gleaming red
So that you’d ride with me in my car

That Spanish restaurant and bar
Where we met and you drank and started shouting
And I talked about your dog
And of having a farm
And you said well she aint gonna live forever

I got off my bike and started walking
Up the street where you used to live
And your big ol’ stoop
Where you would sit
Summer nites, late waiting for me

I looked at the numbers on the front
And the row of buttons by the door
That I used to press
And then I’d hear your voice
And a buzz and then I’d push and it would open

I rode up in that little elevator
That’d probably been there since 1910
We kissed like hungry wolves
And then turned out the lites
And your body felt like nothing in the world

I seen you once, not so long ago
You were with your good, solid guy
I think you said something
About maybe getting married
We talked about the games he seemed ok

I got back on my bike and started riding
Up the street where you used to live
I was late downtown
For my lunch date downtown
My lunch date downtown with Venus Williams

I’ll see ya yeah I’ll see ya yeah I’ll see ya
I’ll see ya yeah, ok, g’bye I’ll see ya
I just wanted
Just wanted you to know
I been up the street where you used to live

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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