25th Street Morning

Watching the sun shine down 25th street
It’s late morning now
Couldn’t get to sleep at all last night
Kept turnin on the light to read

Fire escapes make saxophone shadows on the wall
A spot of glare on every car
Someone’s clang-clang hammering away
Buses keep on sssteaming along

Thought of you this morning thought of you today
Ain’t exactly sure why I did
I was in the shower, hot as it could go
Guess I wanted you to be there too

Every siren of the police like a desperate cigarette
Everybody knows someone done wrong
Down on 25th street a Ryder truck is stopped
Guess they’re gonna blow somebody up

Sun is still raging but a cloud get in the way
All the colors flatten out to gray
Maybe I’ll go down to Café Loon Loon, start my day
Where the lady with pink hair make my coffee

Couldn’t get to sleep last night
Could not get to sleep
Til the light come crawling in my window
All the early birds are out slaughterin their worms
I’ll just set me up down 25th
Just set a spell and look down 25th

Thought of you this morning, thought of you my girl
And how we just could never get it quite together
If I was in a field somewhere flying all the time
You would be the girl for me
Just set a spell and look down 25th….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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