09-04-14: Set List for Dan’s “Theme Park” Concert

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Dan “God” online concert on 9/3/14! Here is the set list from the show!

God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday)
One of Us (Joan Osborne)
Holy House
With God on Our Side
God Said No
God (John Lennon)
God Has an Awful Lot of Time on His Hands
Lightning Jazz
In God’s Time (Not Yours)
Alaska Highway
Past Belief

08-13-14: Next Dan Bern “Theme Park” Concert is 9/3


Dan is giving his next online concert at 6 PM PST on Wednesday, September 3! The theme for this concert will be God.

This painting of Billie Holiday is one of the prizes that will be awarded to Top Tippers at the concert!

To purchase tickets and to watch the concert LIVE, please visit Dan’s StageIt Page!

07-31-14: Theme Park 7/30, Set List


Thanks to everyone who tuned in to Theme Park: Lists on 7/30! And a very special thank you to our young guests who contributed to the show last night! If you tuned in, you heard four-year old Izzy sing The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer (!), and five-year old Lulu sing the Days of the Week and her ZYXs. Here is the set list:

Never Fall in Love
The Elements Song (by Izzy)
Year by Year Totals of the Great Barry Bonds
Chick Singers
Days of the Week/ZYX (Lulu)
These are the Senators
Mister Lister
Come back Andy Pettitte
Five Things
Waffle House
Six Birds
Two Moons
Elliot Smith
Break up the USA
One Piece at a Time

07-25-14: Dan Bern on Twisted Lister Podcast

Listen to Dan on the 7/24/14 episode of the Twisted Lister Podcast!

07-14-14: Next Theme Park Concert!

girl, drawing, with guitar

Dan’s next online concert will be on Wednesday, July 30 at 6 PM, PST. The subject for this concert will be Lists.

To buy tickets to this concert and to watch it live, visit Dan’s StageIt Page.

06-14-14: Set List for 6/11/14 Theme Park Concert


Here is the set list from Dan’s “Baseball” themed online concert!

Opening Day
Year-by-Year HR Totals of Barry Bonds
Joyce & Gallarraga
Johnny Sylvester Comes Back to Visit the Babe
Josh Gibson
When my Buckner Moment Comes
Whatever Happened to the Coyse
Cy Young
7 Miles an Hour
Lou Gehrig’s Disease
This Side of the White Lines
Gamblin With my Love

05-29-14: Next Theme Park Concert: 6/11


Dan Bern will do his next online concert on Wednesday, June 11, at 6 PM PST. The theme of this concert will be Baseball!

To buy tickets and to watch the concert live, visit StageIt.

05-28-14: Set List for Dan’s 5/26 Theme Park Concert


Here is the set list for Dan’s “Friends” themed concert!

Joe Van Gogh
Your First Friend
Enjoy it While You Can
Had Me a Friend
He Was a Friend of Mine
You and Me
Where Did My Friends Go
Albuquerque Lullaby
Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
Miriam Eva and Mabel Ann
Paint the Sky
Eric’s Binoculars