02-20-15: FREE Dan Bern EP!


Please visit the Noisetrade page to download a FREE Dan Bern EP, called Reno! Reno includes previously unreleased material, and the feedback we have received from it so far has been very positive!

01-21-15: Stinky & Dirty


Dan Bern and Jordan Katz have written the theme song for a new children’s cartoon The Stinky & Dirty Show! You can watch it on Amazon.com!

01-12-15: Dan Bern Paintings For Sale


The paintings by Dan have been very popular, so we added a new batch of them! Please visit Dan’s Store to see what we have available now!

If you would like to see the paintings that Dan has recently sold, you can see them in this gallery!

12-30-14: Set List for Dan’s 12/22 Online Concert


Here is what Dan played at his “Holiday” Theme Park concert:

Nguzo Saba (Kwaanza Song)
Marina and Me
The Christians and the Pagans (Dar Williams)
I Hope it Rains
Joe Christ
Dan Bern’s Xmas Song
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus
For Christmas the People Want Cox (Dewey Cox)
You Were Supposed to be There
Waffle House Hanukkah
Hannukahs of Long Ago
So Many Ways (To Spell Hannukah)

12-28-14: Paintings by Dan for sale!

Self Portrait with Sweatshirt

In response to the many inquiries we have received over the past couple of years, Dan has decided to make some of his painting available for sale online! If you have ever wanted to own one of Dan’s paintings, now you have the chance! Please visit Dan’s Store to see what he has available for sale at this time!

11-25-14: Next Theme Park Concert: 12/22

Dan Bern’s next online concert will be on Monday, December 22 at 6 PM, PST. This will be a Holiday show! For tickets and to watch the concert live, please visit Dan’s Stageit Page!

: Set List for 11/17 Theme Park Concert

Here is what Dan played at his “Art” themed online concert on 11/17

Art on the Run
Sculptures & Beautiful Girls
Joe Van Gogh
Flying Geese
I Hope it Rains
Manet Was Monet’s Influence
Waiting for Van Gogh
Wheatfield with Crows
When I Paint My Masterpiece

Thanks for everyone who attended!

11-04-14: “Jerusalem” cover in French!

Check out this cover of Dan Bern’s “Jerusalem,” as translated into French and performed by Phil Moreau! You can hear this track, “Le Messie” as well as download the entire album, from Phil’s Bandcamp Page.

: Next Dan Bern Theme Park Concert – 11/17

brushes on table #1

Dan will be having his next online concert on Monday, November 17, at 6 PM, PST. The subject of this concert will be “Art.” Please visit Dan’s StageIt Page to buy tickets and to view the concert live!

09-28-14: Dan Bern’s new e-book: a novel + 22 songs!


10,000 Crappy Songs & Other Tales of Detection

A Novel by Dan Bern


Includes 22 non-crappy songs!

Los Angeles has a new private investigator: a failed songwriter looking to put 10,000 crappy songs behind him. But solving cases will take a little luck, a lot of donuts and his old Gibson. Acclaimed songwriter Dan Bern’s second novel is a fun twist on LA noir.
10,000 Crappy Songs is a deadpan masterpiece. Seriously, folks: I read this book in one sitting and laughed for a week. – Steve Almond

Published by Dutch Kills Press